Product - Criminal Extradition: An Attorney's Guide for Extradition Law in Georgia
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Criminal Extradition: An Attorney's Guide for Extradition Law in Georgia 150020
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    (117 pages, 2015, B. Michael Mears) A General Overview of the Extradition Process * Extradition law * International Extradition Treaties * Classifications of International Extradition Treaties * International Extradition Procedures * Interstate Extradition * A fugitive from a Georgia Chain Gang * State Legislation and Extradition Law * Returning Fugitives to Georgia * The Uniform Extradition of Criminals Act * Extraditable Offenses * Qualifications to Be Labeled as Fugitive * Georgia Extradition Law * Initiating the Extradition Process in Georgia * Challenging a Request for Extradition * The Application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus * Appealing a Denial of an Application for a Write of Habeas Corpus * Waiver of Right to Contest Extradition * Interstate agreement of Detainers * History of the Agreement Between States * What is a Detainer * Requirements for a Valid Detainer * invocation of Agreement Provisions by a Prisoner * Invocation of the Agreement Provisions by Prosecutors * Anti-Shuttling Protections * Extradition of Juveniles * Juveniles and Extradition * Juvenile Justice Law in Georgia * Interstate Compact on Juveniles * Actions Involving the Transfer of Persons Between States * Interstate Compact of Adult Supervision * Interstate Corrections Compact * Uniform Interstate Family Support Act * Uniform Act to Secure Attendance of Witnesses * Conclusion * Defense Counsel’s Extradition Challenge Checklist.
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