Product - Carlson on Evidence- Comparing the Georgia and Federal Rules- 2nd Edition 2014
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Carlson on Evidence- Comparing the Georgia and Federal Rules- 2nd Edition 2014 140002
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    PRE-ORDER NOW FOR JANUARY DELIVERY. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS ACCEPTED. CD INCLUDED. Carlson on Evidence is a new publication specifically tailored for this transition. This book comprehensively compares Georgia’s new evidence code with the corresponding federal evidence rule and prior Georgia evidence law, providing detailed commentary for those new Georgia rules with federal correspondents. It takes the reader through statutory provisions in the new code from OCGA 24-1-1 through 24-10-1008. Carlson on Evidence is presented in a user friendly format, with new Georgia evidence statutes placed at the top of every page of analysis for easy access in the courtroom or office. Each rule section contains the number; and text of the new Georgia Evidence provisions, a summary of 2013 changes, comparison with the Federal Rules of Evidence, and Federal and Georgia case law. Carlson on Evidence extras include a detailed section pertaining to rules of interpretation and statutory construction, table of contents, the new Georgia rules themselves, index, and a CD containing the text of Carlson on Evidence. With over seven-hundred pages of solid legal content, Carlson on Evidence combines academic scholarship with practical courtroom experience. It is a first-class guide for all Georgia lawyers who practice in the state courts of Georgia. It is also well suited for attorneys whose practice takes them into federal courts.
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