Product - Advanced Debt Collection - 2012
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Advanced Debt Collection - 2012 127890
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    (142 pages) - Fraud 101 * What Degree of Advocacy Judges Find Helpful in Pleading Your Case; A Rundown of Professional Issues; And What Arguments Not To Make * The New Georgia Evidence Code in Commercial Cases * Defense of Debt Collection 101 * The Changing Face of Guaranties: What a Tangled Web We Weave * Unusual Garnishment Situations. (Video available)
National Dog Bite Investigation, Treatment And Prevention Conference- 2012 127967
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    (124 pages) - Dog Bite Prevention * First Responders * Fatal Dog Attacks Are a Big Deal * Dogs and Kids: What Can Go Very Wrong! * When Fido's Bite Is Worse Than His Bark: Hidden Dangers In the Mouths of Dogs. (video available)
Advanced Health Care Law - 2012 128060
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    (226 pages, video available) - Emerging Issues in Clinical Research, Including Legal Ethics * Conflict Management in Hospital Systems: Not Just for Leadership * Doctors as Advocates, Lawyers as Healers * Stark Law Update: Practical Considerations and Current Developments * Medicaid: The View from the Georgia Medicaid RAC * Health Information Technology Exchanges - Current Issues * Health Information Technology Exchanges: Complexities, Unique Problems, and Contract Issues.
Georgia's New Evidence Code - 2012 128080
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    (136 pages) - The New 2013 Georgia Evidence Code - An Overview.
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